Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Need To Dressage More.

Sexy horse.
If we want to do events this year, and be somewhat successful at them, we kind of need to step up our dressage game. I mean really. And we need to work on my show nerves, but I don't know how that is going to happen when I see people posting about shows and I'm looking at the show schedule and I start to lose feeling in my arms.

I'm not even close to showing yet goddamnit. Why do I feel like I want to vomit?

When do I get most nervous? Oh, when it is time to dressage. Why are my scores crappy? Because dressage. When am I not that nervous? During cross country. When is my horse not nervous? During cross country. See a theme here?
Me trying not to lose my stirrup and keep my back straight. Forgot about my elbows though.
So Sunday I tried to dressage. Reluctantly. I think I don't like it because I feel like we suck at it. And I don't entirely know what to do. I have had at least one dressage lesson with Lindsey and I learned a crap ton in that one lesson. I know I could use more. But Sunday, I tried to work on transitions. Because we don't really work on those a whole lot and we really should.
Oop. There's that leaning forward again.

Houston, we have contact.
We also worked on trying to get slower bigger strides and steady contact onto the bit. Without ripping my arms off or avoiding contact all together, which she does as well. Also tried to add a little lateral movement in there and trying to keep a bend in her ribcage around my leg. That same day, the dragon had been running around out in the pasture and had jumped our one ton bale by herself. I was horrified and glorified at the same time. She made it seem so effortless. It was like she was trying to get my mind away from dressage, but NO MARE.
Initiate hock impulsion.

Building muscles for both of us.
She actually did quite well in our bumpy uneven pasture. She was a little strong (and has been since the upping of her grain and supplements) but that's ok. I can deal for a short amount of time. She had some really nice transitions going, but kept bulging her shoulder out at one point of the circle and looking around. I later figured out why. Creepy neighbor was hiding by the tree and watching us. What the hell creepy neighbor? At least say hi and tell me how beautiful my horse is.
She offered a stretchy trot. So, I took it. This is stretchy for a giraffe.
She let a little stiffness go away and I got some bend and some really really nice contact. My legs were absolutely dying though, as I hadn't ridden in the dressage saddle since last October. And I let the stirrups down a hole. I kept losing my irons, so hopefully that will get better. My body got tired pretty fast. Later that night my knees had swelled up and filled with fluid and I think that was the first time Blake had seen that. So now, to him, dressage is the devil. Everything wrong is dressage's fault. Last year that weirdo wanted me to practice more so I could win things. What happened to that boy?
My favorite picture from our ride.
So I see more dressaging in our future. And hopefully more lessons. Because damnit, we have to beat this thing!
Need to remember to keep sitting up!


  1. It's so hard! I realized yesterday that I've got to stop tiptoeing around my boy and actually expect him to work...

  2. Wth is up with your creepy neighbour?! Dressaging is good/bad...sort of boring and hard but seems to help everything. :)

  3. Yes to the lessons! Either CP or CJ would be amazing for you guys!

  4. As much as you claim not to like it I think she looks pretty lovely in most of these photos. I'd take it!

  5. Sexy horse is SEXY. Y'all look great. I too struggle with my dressagey position AND nerves. Lets make T shirts *I'm only here for the XC*

  6. I totally get the puking feeling when thinking about going to shows. And then I go to them anyway. Horse people--just one more reason why they're totally fucking nuts.

  7. yay you guys look great!!! i really struggle with losing my stirrups too lol... and with the whole 'needing lessons' thing... but then it feels so worth it when you get those nice moments :)

  8. I really feel that Bacon has a lot of potential to do well in dressage! Just keep at it :)

  9. I vote you trailer out to Double Nickel and take a lesson with CJ

    1. You better bet your ass that I'll be trailering all over the place once I get a truck and trailer!

  10. We all need to do more. Looks good though!

  11. You guys look lovely, you may be the first person I've taught that actually listened and then continued to work on things!