Wednesday, February 4, 2015


A high school original. Don't judge me too hard.
I don't really like today, just so you all know. I don't like going to doctors. I have five of them and they like to see me but I don't like to see them.

Saw ENT doctor today. New plan: CT scan. Polyps didn't go away and so now we are going to do more investigating on that count and see what kind of surgery plans we come up with. He knows my sinuses are screwed up by my MRI, so now we will really get to see what he is working with. Dude doesn't know show season is coming up though, and I refuse to sit out the whole season with a surgified nose. Not happening.
Another fine doctor. Ink print from a carving I did on a rubber slab.

Also, I was looking for more insight for the lyme deal. So far, the amoxicillan has done nada. So back on my evil nemesis. Doxycycline. If it is working correctly, I should get extra sick. It is called a herxheimer reaction to all of the bacteria dying in my body. They say the spirochetes like to hide in the body and that is why it turns into a chronic thing. Also, unlike most bacteria, it feeds off of magnesium and NOT iron. Soooo, need to start supplementing that. Maybe it will help with the heart palps and muscle twitching.
And a goat painting?
This is such a damn controversial disease. There are a lot of doctors who don't believe in Chronic Lyme Disease. I can understand why. It mimics diseases like ALS, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. People who get treated right away get better without issue. I want to know why soooo many people, who finally get tested for Lyme after ruling out everything else and come back positive, have all of these horrible symptoms and yet, doctors don't think there is any connection. Even though they keep testing and testing and can't find anything else. There are studies done showing the spirochete bacteria surviving over and over again even after long term antibiotics. Here is a crap ton of abstracts from some of the recent studies.
Throwing it in here for funsies. Because I hope my hands will allow me to do a colored pencil drawing soon.
Doctors don't really know how to treat this, so a lot of them ignore it. There are no guidelines. "Lymies", as we affectionately call ourselves, are stuck going from one doctor to the next because most of them don't believe in Chronic Lyme. The western blot test is inaccurate 40% of the time. ELISA testing is not any better. One thing that hinders us is our appearance from the outside. We don't look all that sick. People have a hard time believing that you are sick. Trust me, if I could let you take my body for the day, you might understand what this is like. Oh yeah, and I can pass it to my future children via placenta or breast milk. There are some studies now showing it can be sexually transmitted too.
When husband used to race motocross. After 9 hospital visits, I said "no".
So, I don't know what happened to my post. I was originally going to post about my dogs after seeing Carly's post on her cute pup. Whoops! Don't worry folks. I am not quitting. I've got clinics and shows planned. And I have friends who are great inhaler holders/photographers/water supply/health meters who will tell me NO when I should be done. Everyone should have one.
Just look how cute they are. They look the same!
And don't spill your entire dinner on the floor before it is even finished, or you will get really pissed off and end up with a post like this. Now I am going to go eat a pickle because they are zero calories and I like the zest.


  1. Ohhhh no - I didn't realize you had Chronic Lyme! This really just shows how behind I am on my blog commenting, honestly. I am SO so sorry to hear this. Lyme SUCKS. A good friend of mine has been on treatment for the last 2 years and is seeing good results ... it's been a long road for her. Do you also show the Babesia coinfection? And how did you pick it up, do you know? I didn't realize it was as widespread in Idaho as it is in the southeast.

    Bleh. Take each day as it comes, and don't overdo it ... but I know exactly how easy THAT is to do. ;)

    1. I like hearing treatment success stories! And I am not sure if I have any coinfections. I'll have to bring those up. And I have nooooo idea how I picked it up or when. I got really sick in the summer of 13' and at the same time had a red spot on my leg. It wasn't the characteristic bullseye rash, and I never went in to the doctor. There is only supposed to be a 1% chance of Lyme in Idaho, so I don't know what happened!

  2. Your strength blows me away. Keep up the fight and we will all be here to support you in whatever way you need.

  3. Ugh. Hang in there! The cool thing about science is that they are always making new discoveries and a great treatment may be on the horizon.

  4. There's a dog blog I follow called She's been suffering from chronic Lyme for years, and has been documenting her struggles and medical treatments. It might be a good resource for you, or at least help with not feeling so alone. My heart goes out to you!

  5. My mom has chronic Lyme. It sucks. I wish I could tell you something that works, but she hasn't found it yet. She has good days and bad days..

  6. love your art!! good luck with the doctors appointments... hopefully one of these docs will find some solutions that start to work!

  7. Hang in there. You'll find a way to get this crap into remission.

  8. I don't know much about Lyme disease, but people don't believe in it? What?!?? That sounds crazy and frustrating. Thanks for sharing what's on your mind and some of your art. I hope it gets bettter soon. Feel free to vent all you want!!

  9. You're a badass. You will win this fight!

  10. There is a very successful dressage rider that's sort of local (within 3 hours) from me. She has Lymes and is making a go of it at FEI dressage levels in Florida. This is her website: She seems to have found a drug that works for her (not that it would necessarily help you, but you never know).

    Hang in there, I'm rooting for you!

  11. Seriously that sounds terrible. Hang in there!!

    Sidenote, love the odd goat drawing. And teach me how to color pencil.