Monday, January 5, 2015

GOOOOAAAAALLL!!!! Oh Wait. Goals. For 2015.

Crazy husband rides in this crap too. Weirdo.
I attempted to drive to work this morning even after my phone alerted me of multiple accidents within a span of 7 minutes. I waited an extra hour just to see if that would help but no. The freezing rain on top of snow coupled with my sad little rear wheeled drive pickup and my anxiety is not a good mix. Throwing a couple of crazy assholes on the road with me doesn't help either. And after barely missing sliding into a guard rail, I called it quits and came back home. The clinic will do without me.
Play with more racehorses.
So, what else should a stranded girl do but make her goals of 2015 post. I hope you like it because my hands are not working well today so it may take me a while to type up. Appreciate the hell out of it.

Anyways, I bet you can guess my number one goal for the year. Yep, that is right.

1. Discover my illness and kick it's ass. 

I had a talk with the hubby over the weekend about this. I told him how much this is stressing me out. Not just because it makes me feel like poo, but because it is controlling me in other parts of my life. What is it? Will it continue to get worse? Will I ever get better? Will it shorten my life? Should I keep working? Is it cancer? What if I had to do chemo? Can I keep riding? You get the idea. It isn't fun, and even if it is something horrible, I just want to know what it is so we can know how to deal with it.
Give the Bacon more pats.
2. Complete my first three day event.

Obviously I have decided that the sickness will not destroy my dream of finishing one of these. I don't care where it is and what level we do it at, but I want it to happen. It will happen.
Go on more trail rides!
3. Reach a new personal record jump height on the Bacon. Last year we hit 3'3". And it seemed like cake when it happened. So I have faith that this will be very achievable.

4. Compete at Novice somewhere. Derby or three day event. Probably at Aspen or Golden Spike!
Goddamn dressage.
5. Learn to relax during our dressage tests. Not only relax, but help my horse learn that dressage is good. Maybe it isn't fun, but it is good. And we can do it well.
Where my helmet. Whoops.
6. Ride all ponies more this year! They deserve the love too. And they deserve their abilities and awesomeness to be exposed and shared with you all. Even if it pisses Vegas off.
Hone in that position.
7. Do more course work. And take lessons to be able to do the course work. Right now I have more anxiety about doing a course at an actual show than doing a dressage test. And that is just sad.
Sleep with pigs more. And hide the face?
8. Get more awesome pictures. Because hell yeah.

9. Pay off my damn saddle. Gaaaaaaaah.
A close up of my tired hands resting on my horse during xc. Sorry Bacon :(
10. Do a training level jump. One of these times, I am jumping one. You'll see.

So, there. I am pretty sure that all of these are attainable. Half way through the year, I think I will see where I am at with everything. Just for funsies. I think if I have my husband, my pups, and my girls, I will get through this year, no matter what happens.
Maybe I will be able to do more art!


  1. Ooo, definitely do more art! Really, my biggest hope for you this year is to kick the illness' ass! I'm sure you will :)

  2. Good luck! Hope mayo helps with #1 :)

  3. Awesome goals. Can't wait to read all about them in 2015 :)

  4. Yup, once you sort out #1, the rest should fall into place. :-D

  5. Kick #1's ass and the others are cake!

  6. I think these are all attainable but health is most important!

  7. Look after #1 and everything else will be gravy from there. *hugs*
    I really hope you get answer soon, but more importantly start to feel better and more like yourself. You have so much talent & joy to offer the world. I mean your photos, drawings and blogposts (written word) are all awesome - we are truly spoiled that you chose blogging as an outlet & we can stalk *ahem* follow you & hang off your every word.

  8. Agreed! Do more art! Seriously. That's amazing. And they are all attainable I know it. :) Even if chemo is a future endeavor for you, you're going to kick it's ass.

  9. You are gonna kick some major illness ass! And then share all the pictures of you jumping Training so I can live vicariously through you (weenie alert).

  10. I hope you get everything worked out with your health, but glad you are focused on fun horsey adventures in 2015. Love seeing how well you and Bacon are doing!

  11. I LOVE your goals. Kicking your illness's ass is a SUPER one, and even if you haven't quite dialed it in, for that 3-day event the drug rules are MUCH less strict on competitors!! ;) Kidding -- serious hopes that you actually nail it. Bacon jumps like my pony -- hanging knees but super clearance -- and that makes me grin. And finally -- maybe one day, I will ask if I can pay you to draw my horse?

  12. We are all rooting for you. I can't wait for you to get to the bottom of your illness and make a plan for getting through it!

  13. Awesome goals!! I hoep you kick #1's ass in no time!

  14. love your ambition and determination!! i'm rooting for you in all these goals - esp #1.

  15. you put me to shame woman. You are so incredibly strong and driven and I slump into days of sadness when I get the stomach flu and think I will never amount to anything. You will figure it out and kick its butt!! Awesome goals. Also, sidenote, you put my art to SHAME!