Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Ate a Snail. And Did Lots of Other Things!

The coolest scuba kids ever.

Hello there my 27 followers (and people who don't follow but like to read about my weirdness)! I am back from my Mexican cruise adventure. Back to the cold, foggy, wet Idaho. Damn you Idaho. But, I am very happy to be back home. Eight days without ponies and puppies is a stretch for this one.

So, things I learned:

  • I hate boats. Big boats. Big boats and the ocean put together. I could NOT get acclimated to the sea and its seaness, even with all the patches and balance bracelets and etc.
  • There is at least a lot of food on a boat. FOOD AT ALL TIMES. 
    • Side-note: Do not start Prednisone the same time you get on the boat with all the food. Because you will frickin eat everything in sight. And then get fat.
  • Don't forget womanly supplies at home. Because you will end up paying $8 for a box of five tampons.
  • Don't take the water bottles in the room. They cost $4.50 each. Whoops.
  • Scuba diving is a mind game. You must trick your body into thinking it is ok to breath under water. Please don't freak out body.
    • Also, sometimes you have to lie on your health form to do the dive. It was worth it damnit.
    • You may see sharks. And sharks are the best thing in the world. YES!
  • Drivers in Mexico are scary. 
    • I thought LA was bad. Shows what I know...
  • Cabo was my favorite. Mazatlan was a little too intense.
  • In Peurto Vallarta, you are an expert horseback rider if you have ridden more than 17 times.
    • Congrats. You are all experts.
  • According to my 7 year old cousin, boys have tails and girls don't. 
    • Yeah, I'll just let you think about that for a bit.
  • Blake loves ice cream. Well, maybe I already knew that.
  • Snails don't taste as bad as I thought.
  • I almost stole my baby sea turtle. 
What's more majestic. The sea lion or the cruise ship?

So, that is basically the jist of it. I had a wonderful time with my hubs, even though I felt sick the whole time I was on the boat. I also did not last long out on our excursions on shore, and had to get back on the boat as soon as they were done, so that made me sad. But that's ok! 
Yep. There I am.
Our fav thing by far was the scuba diving. We only wished we could have gone deeper (we went 40ft) and explored more. But I got to be by sharks, and that is all I have ever wanted to do. Plus, the two other people wussed out in our group, so the prof photographer followed us around the whole time. Cabo was great, and I found out that I like my Mexico americanized and touristy.

Even more!

A cool ass pirate ship.

It only requires 15 minutes of your time and offering your soul to get a wet suit on.

Lookin suave.

I love eels!

I know you are jealous.

Dolphins checking out the ship.

A sea pony!

Sea lions are badass.

Just look at them go.

Holding hands and swimming in the ocean!

Just below me...

...were these guys! I wanted to hug them so bad!

I wanted him too.

Jumping in!

It's not normal for a fish to be able to smile at you.

A whale shark!
Mazatlan was beautiful and I really enjoyed releasing my baby sea turtle into the ocean. But I would be ok if I did not have to go back there. The people assume that you must be rich if you are on the ship, and if you make eye contact or hesitate, they will follow you. Forever. And I don't dig that.
Pelicans. Everywhere.

Go turtles go!

My little "Tsunami".

He did not win the race. But Blake's turtle did!
Peurto Vallarta was a lot of fun and very pretty too. We rode horses around the villages and through the trails. We filled out a form before hand, and if you had ridden a horse 0-9 times, you were a beginner, 10-16 intermediate, and 17+ experts. Blake and I were experts. Everyone else were beginners. I threw a helmet on (all of them covered my eyes) and they pulled out my expert horse, Paloma. There was dancing and prancing and a very sensitive horse in my hands. And then Blake was thrown onto his expert mount "Peckles". He was a head flipper. Any contact on the reins and you better be ready to avoid concussion. We figured out our horses pretty quick though, and had a pleasant ride through some rivers, and even hopped on a naked horse for a swim!
Hello Paloma!

Blaker and that backpack that never leaves his side.

Leaders of the pack.

Sturdy ponies.

The rest of the group making their way over.

What a good swimming pony!

Blaker being pulled ashore.

They look like friends. But that's a lie.

That's right. I had a goddamn machete.

That is not a very flattering shirt. Jesus.

Nerds in Mexico.
The weather was perfect, we met cool people on the ship and had a great time. I think if I were to do it again, I would go on the other side of Mexico. Hubs has been, and said it is even more beautiful, and better for scuba diving! Yes, I am obsessed now.
Here are some more photographer pictures! Can't give him credit as he never gave his name!

Weird ass fish.


Aimee does not like this.

Blake and his ice cream cones.

Lady on the ship that looked like "Fat Amy" from Pitch Perfect.


  1. Looks like you had a fab time!!! Also snails are so tasty!

  2. Breathing underwater is SO weird!! My body is not happy about it and it's a total mind game the whole time.

  3. Yah! I'm glad you had a good time.

  4. Looks like an amazing trip! I can't scuba dive, I panic! But I I squint a lot. And WHOA on the fat Amy sighting....twinsies.


    Also I don't go in the water. It's how we all get along.

  6. WHALE SHARK! Omg so jealous!!!! I adore all your pictures.

  7. Sounds like a great trip! Scuba diving is very high on my bucket list. Weird since I'm scared of fish. Your underwater photos are amazing. Sorry you were sick on the boat. It sounds like you had a lovely time regardless. I'm not sure Mexico is appealing to me, but I've had a few friends go and rave about it. The touristy parts anyway.


    Fully support lying on your health form to dive and so glad you convinced your body to breathe under water. I LOVE DIVING. I want to go to Mexico now...

  9. EELS!!!!! what a great trip! love all the pics too! bummer about the sea sickness tho, but swimming with sharks is awesome (and definitelys omething i will never do lol)

  10. Ahh I just got back from Mexico too!! We were in Ixtapa though. I snorkelled for the first time and am now totally hooked and want to start diving! LOVE your diving photos!! We also went horseback riding... but your horses seem to be in way better condition than ours were... it was quite sad. All in all it sounds like you guys had a totally awesome trip!

  11. So much awesome packed into a week!

  12. OH my god!! The pics are amazing!! HOw did you get so many with the adventures? Didnt it get wet? So so so cool. Loved the horsey adventures of course and the baby sea turtle!

    My parents made us go scuba diving in the bahamas (what at terrible problem to have) and I HATED it. Never again. I never quite got used to breathing underwater and I dont like being in the ocean with all the creatures. Its pretty and all, but I dont want to be IN it. And boats. hate boats.

  13. So many amazing things!!! Glad you guys had such an awesome time!

  14. Sea lions! Seals! Turtles! Ponies!! Best vacay ever.

  15. Beautiful photos! Looks like an absolutely lovely time.

    Hopefully you are feeling okay :)

  16. What an awesome trip! Love all the marine life!

  17. Awesome photos!!! Sounds like you guys had a great time :) I'm sure the ponies and dogs were happy to have you home too!