Friday, September 26, 2014


Amazing sky.
Hurray! My favorite red head came over yesterday after my doctor's appointment (still no answers, by the way) and we tacked the best Bacon up.
Battle wounds on the Bacon butt.
I don't know what was going on yesterday, but it was like the world was testing me and my horse's skills. Before we even started, the man next door was trying to fly a kite in the goat pasture. The goats were not fond of this kite. But Bacon didn't give a crap. There was one little spook when the goats took off running behind us as we were trotting past.
You can see the kite way up in the air.

Trying to stretch low but keep contact.
Then, he started throwing some wire around, rolling a big wooden spool around, and the wind picked up somethin' fierce. Plus a truck drove into the goat pasture and they were unloading branches out of the back with the goats all running around. So, it was a bit distracting. At least to me! Bacon...not so much.
Big butt!

Crazy manes.
I felt so awful riding though. Very out of shape, very sloppy. I guess I can't expect too much. I kept forgetting that I had legs and that I could use them. And for the life of me, I couldn't seem to keep my back straight. AS USUAL.
Enter the BEAM OF LIGHT!
But, I got to ride. And that is that. And jump!
That's a nice facial expression?

So, that makes me happy.
Stupid back.


  1. yay - so glad you got to ride!! sorry you don't have any answers about anything else yet... but some saddle time is always good for the soul :)

  2. I don't think any of my horses are kite-proof! Hope you get some medical answers soon :)

  3. Yay some of the pictures came out!!! You did great!

  4. You guys look great! Kites are silly!

  5. Yay! A good ride always makes me feel better about anything I'm facing

  6. So happy you got to got to ride!

  7. SO glad to see you and Bacon doing what you love!

  8. Happy to see you are back at it! :)

  9. Love your new header. Glad you got to ride.