Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Catching Up

My happy place.
Sooooooo much catching up to do. You wouldn't think that a little wedding would create so much chaos. But goddamnit. It sure did. The last of my visiting family left yesterday, and now I am in the sad mopey stage because who knows when I will get to see them again. I don't have a whole lot of friends, so my family members are my friends. And I feel really lonely when they leave. But at least I can ride my sadness away, right?


Let's just say that I love to ride Bacon and I love all of the fun progress we are making in such a short time. Let's say Vegas is HATING that she can't play wild mustang like she did for almost a year, and does not want to have manners or respect for people. Let's also say I was hoping to go to two shows this week. The only thing that could happen was for Bacon and Vegas to "sort" things out in the pasture.
She will DESTROY you. Little blond punk.
Orange is the New Black: Shank Yo Ass in the Pasture episode.

Except, it was more butt to butt firing shots and flying hooves style. And damnit, Bacon lost. She got a few little shots in on Vegas, but Vegas got her good. Giant swollen ass, big scrape marks and missing hide, hock swollen from getting tangled in the action. Horrified look on my face. I had to keep my cool, because my family was visiting my house at the moment. They left soon after and I turned to Blake and started to sob.
My mom brought me this lunging system. Look at Lucy strengthening her back!
Why? I was looking so forward to some normalness again, and getting to go to those shows before the season ends. I have been doctoring the Bacon, and I think she really likes all of the doting. She is a wuss though, and after the first 24 hours I realized it was not as bad as she made it seem. The swelling went down a crap ton, and she was back to weaving like a regular weirdo.
Our last ride, sometime last week. A fun, weird, oxer!
One of the shows was supposed to be tomorrow night, and I think we will hold off from that one, but I think we can do the funner Saturday jump show. She looks really good today, and I think I will hop on tomorrow to see where we are.
Grandma got on the Bacon. And almost peed her pants.
Also, I threw my mom on Pandora because she wanted to jump while she was here. I figured, she was closer to the ground if anything bad happened. I had popped Pandora over a few jumps bareback and she did fine. We dressed her up in english tack and it was adorable. Although the bridle was a bit too big. Mom hopped on, and they looked really cute going around. And then she tried to approach the jump. And then she would get scared, and Pandora would stop. I told her that FORWARD is key, and you have to be ready in all forms. She wanted me to hook her on the lunge so she could focus on her position and mental state and I could control the forward. I did. There was forward alright. And then straight up, and then a mom on Pandora's neck, and then more up and a flying mom in the dirt.
Starting off the lesson nicely.

Trotting around (forward flap not necessary for mom, oi!)

Oh lord. What did I do.
Practicing over ground poles first.

But mom was ok (phew!) and laughed and got back on. And now she can turn her neck both ways, which she hasn't been able to do for years. Pandora is just a chiropractor I guess? And felt very sorry that mom flew off, and kept putting her head into her chest and arms.
I love how their facial expressions are the same.

Oh Pandy.
Mom is back on. Yay!


  1. wow that's a whole lot going on in a short time! glad both Bacon AND your mom are ok! sorry everything else has been so chaotic - but glad you get to go to the fun show :)

  2. Wow so much action! Glad to hear everyone is healing up and hopefully the show goes great for you and Bacon.

  3. Your mom & grandma look so young, I needs their eternal youth secrets please!
    Hope mama & Bacon heal up sharpish, sending get well healing vibes to both and hoping the family leaving blues shift for you with plenty horse bonding time.
    Is that a pessoa system you're lunging in? Kika loves working in then pessoa, Nancy less so - but she is not a fan on lunging in any form ;-)

  4. Glad the Baconator is on the mend. :-) Can't believe your grandma got on a horse. Mine never would, haha.