Tuesday, March 4, 2014


NOPE. No horses here yet!

Let me just take a moment to say, I AM DYING INSIDE.

There. Nope, still don't feel better. Oh well.

So basically, all we got done this weekend was finishing one pen, before Blake's drill crapped out on us. And then I went out and seeded the pasture and nipped the barbwire fencing off of one post. And tried to scrape out as much old hay as possible without dying (I've got the 'llergies to hay) out of the hay barn. And....pretty sure that was it. It rained. Blake had homework. I have swollen tonsils. It's just NO.

And now I am again waiting for the weekend to come. I guess it is something to look forward to, right?

I guess as far as pictures go, I don't really have any. I have old ones? And I was comparing Bacon with the first year that I got her, to about now. I am sure you can all notice a difference...

The month after I got her. 

2nd ride on her. First week I had her.

That same summer...

And now, last October.

Also, last October.
But I still love seeing Blake on Bacon. 
The last picture makes me smile. Not because she was so skinny (AHHHPOJABJB!) but because Blake was riding her. And in traditional Blake style, just threw on his saddle, back cinch and all, and spurs and rode off. And Bacon was all, back cinch and spurs? If you say so!

Note: I am not recommending his strategies. He is a weirdo. 

Also Note: I scored a pair of FITS breeches off of Ebay for $60. Yes, I am proud of that!


  1. Nice ebay score!! Bummer they're still not home but it will happen!

  2. I have hay allergies too, the worst.

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