Monday, February 3, 2014

When the Sun Comes Out

So, this is mostly just a photo heavy post. Because that is all we can basically do still. Because winter in Idaho is not the most fun game around. And because I do not have a fancy indoor arena, because I am not rich.

But believe me, if I ever am rich, I'm getting me an indoor arena. Damnit!

So redheadlins and I played with her ponies on Saturday. Actually, it was more like she was molested by her ponies and I laughed and took pictures. And then sometimes, they molested me. It kind of went like this:

So, Diva. I am now the boss.

I shall now seduce you Ma'dam!

Feels so good!

Let's pour everything out of the bucket and stomp on the blankets!

What lovely colors you have on mom!

Imma touch your butt!

And Imma eat cho' hat!

And tell you secrets!

And then Bridger try to kill Lindsey by biting Diva on the hip while she was directly behind her, thus Diva kicking out and barely missing Lindsey's leg. That was a little too much fun.

My Blaker was trying to get the pens worked on a little bit. Still didn't get very far, but it is better than nothing! And my dogs soaked up the sun and watched the new baby goats next door. I am hoping one slips through our fence so I can steal it.
Meaty. In all of his glory.

Look at that boy go!

Water does the drool good.

Moo loving the sun!

And airing her ears out.

Damn drill. Doing all of the drilling!

Come on over little kids!

Moooove drill! Get out tha way!