Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nuts and Bolts

Can my ponies have wings?
Scratch that. I would never be able to catch them. I am sure.

I am going NUTS not having my horses here. I have had enough. Separation does not do the heart good. It makes it very very angry and upset. And poor Blake is hearing about it. Everyday. Every single day.
Pure insanity.
I wonder why he gave me this ring in the first place? Maybe he is crazy, and I have never seen this, because I am crazier. It has just now dawned on me. Anyways...

Oh noes dad! I'm trapped!
Tard Ass Building and Construction Inc.

Crazy boy and I went and got some panels to form their pens into actual pens...and whoever built this said shelter is stupid. There is exposed metal about 2ft high off of the ground, so horses that want to lay down hoping to get cast will instead amputate the said leg. The spacing between the wood posts and the whole shape of the pens is weird, and we can't really move them around too much because of the electrical and water system....that leaves us looking for an 8ft panel. Which don't really exist. Gates sure do. That will give Pandora two chances to get out, instead of one.

That damn horse picks gates up and somehow maneuvers them off of the post. Or works the chain and clip until she breaks it. Or finds a weakness in the panel. Seriously, if you want to test your fence line, through Pandora in it.
Someday, she will break out of here.

Sand is also needed for the pens, because I am tired of seeing them as swamp monsters when I go over for a visit. Bacon has weaved herself into a muddy hole. MUD EVERYWHERE. And every time I inquire about getting a quote for sand, I come up empty handed. The damn sand and gravel place is literally two miles from our house. Lazy turd buckets.

Save us from the mud pit! And bring us cookies!
I just want them home. So terribly bad. Even if it is just two for now. We still have to build a shelter for the other two. And it all seems like so far away. I have been trying to be healthier lately also. Because I really really don't like myself or my body. So it has been semi-healthy meals, and lots of P90X workouts. I am hoping this will increase my fitness for riding as well. It should, those damn things are brutal.
Tony Horton is nuts too.

So, this was a blog mostly about whining and pouting. But I am sure you understand. Someone had to hear it today besides Blake....

Someday, there will be ponies in this picture.


  1. You are amazing...#firstworldproblems :)

    1. Haha! Frickin' serious first world problems! Damnit. Why can't a girl and her ponies be reunited without money and other crap in the way? Oh right. I have to be realistic.