Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm a Cowhorse of Course!

Who's in the house? Pandora!

Sooo remember when I said that the evil lady we purchased Pandora from said she would send out Pandora's info to get her papers that week? Yeah. Didn't happen. Didn't happen for MONTHS. Actually, it didn't happen for about a year. For those of you who don't know, as the age of the horse increases, so does the registration fee. It was closing in on the increased fee date, and this lady decided to stop responding to our emails and calls about the papers being sent. I really wanted to hurt her. And Blake. Well, Blake doesn't handle people very well, especially rude lazy people. So he left the lady a nasty email giving her one more shot before he went back to her house in Payette to deal with her face to face.
Spring roan!
She didn't like that one bit. She told him that he was not never speak to her like that again or she would never get the papers sent.

Can I help you?
Needless to say, Blake was about ready to burn her house down for the rest of the comments she put in the email. I calmed him down, and wrote her an email back. I told her we would provide every other detail, I would mail her the papers, and all she would have to do is sign the damn things and send them back. I'd even give her the envelope and stamps to send them back. No response. Took a shot in the dark and sent the paperwork. And after a year of excuses from this lady, she finally took the 5 seconds to sign the damn papers.

Enter: Lil Badbadger. That had to be the perfect name for this horse. Because if you could see this thing rollback, and cut on a lunge line, and try to cut the dogs, you would understand. She is little. She is bad. And has the temperament of a badger for sure. But she sure does love her daddy.

We didn't do too much her 2 year old year. She came to a couple of shows, and participated in one. She did pretty well again! We also started saddling her up, and at the end of her 2 year old year, we were
sitting on her. The first time I got up on the saddle, we side passed all over the arena. That was about all she wanted to do, so I went with it.
On a lunge, she would go forward pretty well. But we ended the year pretty happy with her.

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