Monday, March 18, 2013

A Curvy Girl Enters the Arena...

So, if you hadn't noticed, Pandora is small. Very small. Like, 13.3h small. And Blake is big. Like, over 200lbs big. And yes, the most well known cutting horse and sire of all time (Smart Little Lena) was only 13.3h, we didn't feel like Blake would be comfortable putting that kind of stresses on his little lady's joints.

September 2011, Blake's great grandma (or just grammy as we know her) mentioned to us that her niece, who had just passed away unexpectedly, had a wonderful paint horse looking for a home. We were told she had been everywhere and had done everything, specifically all ranch duties. We were also told that she was 17h, and solid. Yep, that should fit Blake. We arranged to go check out this new mare, and possibly bring her home.

Mid October, we all drove out to Homedale, Idaho. Blake's great uncle Bob, now in the saddle making history books with the work he did next to Ray Holes, had arranged for the meeting at his house. There wasn't much room to ride, but the big girl showed up and was led out of the trailer.

Well, she wasn't 17h. I don't think even makes the 16 mark, but pretty close. But HOLY MOSES, the girl had curves and bone. She naturally stood like she was set up for a halter class. She could definitely carry Blaker. We both also noted that it was kind of strange how he led her out with the lead rope wrapped around the back of her poll and through the bottom of the halter. We saddled her up, and Blake hopped on and walked her around. He just rode her around in a bosalito. And she was awesome. I hopped on too, and automatically liked her, even though I could barely walk and trot her around. We talked over some stuff and called it a deal. But until after we drooled over the handmade rawhide beauties and leather work that decorated his workshop.

It was time to go, and our new girl Lucy was a little hesitant to enter the tiny cave of our two horse trailer. But after a little coaxing, she got right in. Once we got home, she had a hard time backing out, and it was obvious she had never been backed out of a trailer before. We finally had to call Eugene to the rescue, and the scary red man came over and scared her right out of it. Damnit Eugene. Blake and I both noticed that she was really weird about her head though, and was easily flustered around her poll. We could fix that though.

The next day, we lunged her, and she picked up on it perfectly. What a smart ranch horse! And a nice, smooth trot to boot. But, it became really obvious that she had never loped around much before. She had no idea where to put her legs or how to use herself. But, I had never seen a horse learn so fast. I was excited about the new girl, and Blake was too.

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