Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WW: Existing. And Not Exactly Wordless.

Sought For Speed heading to the test barn after victory
I'm still here. I just don't know what to write or really have anything to write about or what to do with my thoughts. The pain has almost been crippling this past week but today is not so terrible. I had to go to a wedding on Saturday, which we left early because I couldn't stand keeping it together anymore and talking to people with that amount of ache in my body. I also learned that I do not like the way people stare and talk about me when I walk past them because of the way I am walking. Too bad I can't ride everywhere, and then nobody would know the difference.
Blaker and Reaper. 
I was so happy though to watch American Pharoah take the crown before the wedding. My mom and grandma were on the phone with me as well shouting and screaming and all I could do was shake and cry. I couldn't even fumble out a hoot. Blake made fun of me, but I didn't care. Every year, we had hoped it would happen. I figured he had it when he came out of the gate with ears forward, but I tried to shake that feeling off. He knew he had it. And I needed to watch that.
Well hello Mr. Mayhem

I can't tell if he is balancing on one toe or mid hop.

Head butting fists.
I have another event derby to attend on Sunday. This time, it will be where we had our first beginner novice run. The one with the really sketchy looking jumps, and I will again meet with the giant twisty table. I hope it won't be balls hot though so I don't die. Also, goats will be home this weekend (YAY) and the Meatball turned 4 years old yesterday. Anyways, this was going to be a mostly wordless Wednesday, but that turned into a lie. Sorry! Here are some photos from ponies at the track last week. I will be off to the track again today shortly to snag some more!
Speedy has the same sire as Bacon. He also weaves and is special

Heat Man. Cute but naughty.

Heat Man and Speedy lead the pack down the stretch.

Speedy does not like losing.

So, he didn't. But it was fun to run first and second!

Good job buddy.


It's Yuma Landing's turn!

She looks like she smoked something before her race.

Brush your teeth!

Pretty girl. Handsome husband.

She ripped her shoe off during the race.

But still tried really hard.

Cute pink nose!


  1. These pictures are fabulous!

    Here's to not dying this weekend. I'm hoping the ground poles aren't as sketch as the jumps. ;-)

  2. For us non-track folks, what kind of bit is Yuma wearing?

    1. That is a slider bit. Helps horses who like to blow the turns :)

  3. Love your pictures. Hope you feel better for your derby this weekend.

  4. You have got to be one of the toughest #bossmares out there! Rest up so you can kick some ass this weekend ;)

  5. sorry it's been a crappy week pain-wise. your track pictures are amazing tho - they really convey a sense of the moment and atmosphere

  6. Can't believe I missed these pictures! They're amazing (like everyone says above). Hope things get better.