Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rebecca Farm: Stadium Round

Ooooo cutting it close there, lady
Yes, you may have seen that I attended ANOTHER recognized event this past weekend, and I haven't even finished telling you about the last one. I'm too slow. I apologize. So let's dive into our last competition day at Rebecca. Stadium day (AKA ahhhhh). Fricken colored sticks.
Yep, there goes a rail
Bacon was pretty peaceful in her stall and I unwrapped her to see what present I would have. Her knee looked good as new, with no swelling, heat or anything to be seen. I took her out for a long walk and had hubs jog her for me. She was bouncing and sassy, totally sound and ready to go. I still held my breath, wondering what to do. I had planned to take her out to warm up and see how she felt and go from there. Perhaps I should have pulled her, looking back, but you aren't living if you aren't making mistakes and learning from them.
The better combo
We didn't ride until later that afternoon again. The course walked fairly well, with a few things I knew that might cause some trouble. I'm looking at you, one stride combo. And long approaches to lonely verticals. The footing was amazing though, and I was prepared to pop around that course to close out our competition. I got my girl tacked up and hopped on. Again, total commotion and choas abound around us, and she moseyed through it all. I believe I even had to kick her some to not walk like a drugged turtle so we could get to the arena.
Jump number 1. Not her normal enthusiastic self.

Well, at least we looked good over one? Well, she did.
Listen here, horse. You must use your butt and settle through the one stride.
She warmed up well and was listening too. She felt even and quiet underneath me, and our approaches to our jumps were met without rushing. This probably should have been my red flag, but I was assuming that maybe she was being polite and just a touch tired from our long journey. She always pulls me along to the jump the last couple of strides, so it was a little hard for me to adjust my riding to a horse that didn't do that. Soon enough, it was our turn to enter the ring.
One of the lonely verticals. It wasn't the problem.
We came around to that first jump, which Bacon normally jumps larger than the others, and hit it. I was a little shocked, especially for an oxer, but pressed her towards the next jump, squeezing and holding her to it. Again, another rail came down. I was perplexed. Normally if this mare hits a fence, she doesn't do it again. We careened around to jump three, and finally cleared that one with room to spare. Four was the one stride combo, five clear but ugly, and then we took another rail at six. I was so used to her never taking a rail, so my brain fogged up at each one before I realized we had another fence coming up. We made it through the rest of the course, her saving me still because I can't see a damn distance to save my life. I gave her a good pat and pondered what the hell just happened.
Going into the two stride.
My friend came over to check in with us, and she looked down. Bacon's knee was big again. Horrified, I hopped off, gave Bacon a hug and walked her back to the barn. Was it big when I went into the ring? I caused this. How stupid of me. I cried and hugged her some more, but she just sighed and smiled for a cookie. I started icing her and thought about it all. I do think she was a little tired, and I do think the twisted snaffle backed her off a bit, but I think the knee was a major factor in the performance. I've talked to three different vets about it, and not one has been bothered by it, but I have another vet coming out this Friday to see what she says. And looking at our video, I can see the knee was big when we went into the ring. I'm still a little bit of a mess about it, but trying to look forward.
Annnnnd the awkward last jump. My fault.
There must have been some other carnage in the show jump ring, because we still ended in 12th place. I was very proud of how she dealt with the atmosphere and how she completed everything asked of her. Except downward transitions, but you know, those are dumb. She still had pep in her step the next day and never showed any lameness with the knee. I don't even know. All I know is, I am lucky to have her. And someday, maybe I will be a decent pilot for her.
Pony love
The best smile around.


  1. She definitely keeps you guessing. So cool that you're getting out there and doing the thing though. :-)

  2. You did the best you could with the information you had at the time. That's all we can do!

  3. its hard to say about the knee. don't beat yourself up too much about it. you did everything very carefully and perfectly and had many vets examine her.

    oh horses. you slay us.

  4. I have loved these Rebecca Farm posts and the accompanying photos on IG. You and Bacon are such badasses. ❤️ Regarding the knee, you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. I'm happy she's better now and hope the vet on Friday can give you some answers.

  5. Hope she is feeling better! She reminds me so much of my mare.