Thursday, June 22, 2017

CAMELOT: Last Takeaways

Go Bacon going
I came to some conclusions from my time at Camelot. Or general musings. They might be useful for you, they might not. Or they might just be entertaining. Some of it was for me.
I did not get a picture of a frog. So here is a tiny dog.
1. There are lots of frogs!
       Frogs everywhere. Don't know if this is typical or not, but it brought me joy. I hope I didn't squash one because they were tiny. But they would be hanging out in horse water buckets, come shooting out the spigots when I turned the water on, and go hopping away when I walked through the grass. So many frogs.
Tiny dog on course.
2. Sometimes people take showers together
      I went to take a nice long hot shower in their shared showers on the grounds. And when I got there, there were three girls (two teenagers and a woman) in one shower. I did not stay. It was weird.
Meat showering.
Meaty showering in a different water complex.

Not a hind end I want to ride.

Not sharing his stick
3.  The castle
         For cross country, the venue has an awesome castle replica thing for people to stand on and watch. The announcer is also up there, so you can hear everything and see almost all of the course. It is very helpful and pretty darn cool. And extra fun when you get to ride through it for your course.
It has lots of stairs. But that's alright.
4.  Dog friendly
        Camelot was very dog friendly and the organizer even promoted dogs being off leash. I was ok with this when people weren't riding, and that's how it mostly stayed. Our dogs really enjoyed the cross country course when we walked it. Especially the water jumps.
They are silly.

This thing is extra special.

Dis how I run?

She had to test the moon drop.

Best jump judge.
5.  Husband is awesome
         Blake was the only boy to come with us on this trip, and though we could probably get through all of that without a boy, it is nice to have him there. He videoed, photographed, brought water, helped hold horses and dogs, carried hay and shavings, watched Wonder Woman, gave me high fives and hugs, and massaged my sore sore body. And drove us there and back. So yeah, he is pretty awesome.
This appears to be my only pic of hubs of the weekend. I failed!
6. Bloggers won't make you feel stupid
        I had a real fear of meeting Megan, Kate, and Nicole. Not because I thought they were going to be mean and laugh at Bacon and I's performance or anything, but I do have quite the social anxiety. It almost felt like a job interview and I didn't want to fail their expectations (whatever they may be). I also struggle with speaking, especially when I don't feel good (stupid Lyme), so I was worried that I was going to sound stupid. But I never felt stupid or afraid, because all three of them are excellent people. I highly recommend meeting any of them. A+. Everyone was kind and supportive and fun, just like they are in Blogland, who knew?
Do these people look scary? No. They do not.
I also enjoyed watching Nicole and Murray rock it out there in each phase, even if Murray did throw down some of his trademark gang signs in dressage. They came out swinging each time, Nicole rode him well and rode the horse she had under her every stride and it was so cool to see in person. They are a team and I was glad to be on their side cheering for them, and to have them cheering for me too!
 My pants look ridiculous.
7. You should go
       If you find yourself wondering if you should go to Camelot or not, you should. They are still trying to get off the ground, but are making improvements and are off on the right foot. Unfortunately, it sounds like if they don't get a certain amount of entries next year (I think 150?) they will call off the event for good. There was a friendly, fun atmosphere with a cool theme and lots of frogs.
If you don't go, my head will fall off.


  1. Glad you like the frogs. And the bloggers. :-)

  2. that honestly sounds like such an awesome event! definitely would be going for sure if it was so.... far. love that you got to meet so many cool bloggers too, they really are the best sometimes, aren't they??

  3. I had SUCH A GOOD TIME WITH YOU even though I never did come over to hang out as I had wanted to. And I would never have thought you had trouble speaking! Could not even tell. I hope I'll see you back there next year?!

  4. Ah I love all the bloggers you met they are excellent people!

  5. I love Camelot. The theme is so cool and the organizers are really nice and run a good show. I hope they don't have to shut down next year. There are so few events in our area, I'd hate to lose one. I know this year the camelot show was the same weekend as Adult eventing camp (we were like 40 minutes away) and there were 30 people there. Most of whom would have gone to Camelot had camp not been that weekend. Hopefully next year they won't be on the same weekend.

  6. Sounds like a super awesome trip (minus the weird shower situation?). I love frogs. And bloggers. And spectating at horse shows. So I wish I could have gone!

  7. Wow looks like it was a blast! Love the tiny dog, so cute! P.s. people showering together IS weird! ��