Thursday, May 19, 2016

Holding Thy Breath

I am always embarrassed by sharing this, but if someone can learn from me, then I guess I can be ok with it.
Farrier man came out on Monday and assessed our situation. Bacon's feet are still not quite perfect, but if you look back in these pictures, you can see a world of improvement. My heart always aches a bit to look at horrible they were, but at least we are ahead of that part. And she has frogs. And I am going to make sure they stay there. Farrier never laughs at me taking pictures either, and actually enjoys looking back through and seeing the changes. Plus, he just knows I am crazy and obsess about my mare.
Sunken frog vs froggy above the sole. Nice, squishy happy frog!
My farrier could not see too much externally as to why Bacon was not feeling too hot. Her right foot has always seemed to bother her more than anything else, but now it is the left front that is the issue. That is the uglier foot, so I am surprised that it is just now seeming to be ouchy. Of course, it may not be her feet at all, but her front legs are tight and even, so right now I can only assume this is where the issue is stemming from. If there was a case of bruising caused by the rocks, it is too early to tell.
One of the hinds. Bigger, happier frogs. When they don't have a hole and tear in them.
We are slowly getting the heel back to where it should be (even with the other one!) on her left front as well. Her weaving makes things interesting. If I could, I would leave her barefoot and see what happens, but I tried that once when I first brought her home, and she weaved the hoof walls right off. Farrier did not think she needed the frog support pads anymore, but didn't think going padless was quite the right answer. If she does bruise that easily, even through the frog support pad, he thought maybe trying an airplane grade plastic pad would help detour the painful rocks and uneven ground in the future. I am hesitant, but we have worked hard to get where we are and trying to come up with the next best phase for her.
Sealing new sneakers with PURPLE.
Her hinds have been without issue, except, you know, for the whole abscess blowing out of the coronet band thing. He found a whole in her frog back there, and also some tearing that may also be contributing to her ouchiness. Poor girl. She is still pretty solid everywhere else though. But, I still sigh. Of course I was hoping she would walk off completely sound, but that is wishful thinking.
We need happy feets and legs and everything so we can tackle this again.
We are going to give these new fancy sneakers a few days and see if her comfort level changes at all. It may very well be bruising. But, with our lameness issues all throughout the year last year and now again this year, I just have an uneasy feeling in my gut. It won't leave me alone. And so, if she is not significantly better here quickly, I will be scheduling an appointment with our equine hospital. Husband keeps trying to ease my mind, even bought pie, and agreed with the situation. I am not sure where the money for this is going to come from, but we will have to make it work. I keep having dreams where I am riding her all over and jumping awesome jumps, and it feels so real and correct. And then I wake up, go outside, look at her with sad eyes, and she wanders over and tries to cheer me up.
Hi mom. I'm here. Don't cry.


  1. I LOVE my farrier because she sounds just like yours -- willing to try other options and explain to me what is going on and why! Bacon's feet really have improved so much, and you should definitely be pleased with that. :)

  2. HUGS AND PIE! Bacon's feet have already gotten so much better under the care of your farrier, I know you will continue to make her feel better!

  3. I love all those progression photos. My farrier loves that stuff too! The horse hoof is such a fascinating thing!

  4. Her feet look so much better, nice work! Crossing my fingers hard mystery lameness either disappears or is NBD.

  5. I hope the purple stuff helps. Her feet do look a lot better.

  6. Hugs - she has come such a long way with her feetsies already!

  7. Sending healing hoof hopes!!!!!

  8. Can't wait to hear about the new sneaks