Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Crazy Ideas

Uh oh.
I don't know if it is being cooped up or watching cool motocross videos or what, but I have another probably not so smart idea brewing in my head. I think I will blame it on neuro-Lyme. Yeah. It's those little spirochete bastards all up in my brain messing with my logic. That's it.

Let's bring it back to the videos. When filming Lindsey's video for the Boyd Martin clinic, I had a lot of fun. I kind of want to video all the things. I want to make a Bacon video. And a musketeers video. And a horse/moto video.

Wait. A what?

Hellz yeah. A horse/motocross video.

Now, you are probably thinking the hell this chick smoking? I'm telling you, it is the lyme. I swear. What exactly does a horse/motocross (I really need to come up with a word for this combo) video entail?
Off roading
Well, I always thought it would be cool to do trot/gallop sets out where husband rides his bike. Load the pony up in the trailer, load the bike in the trailer, and just ride. It would also be fun to have a video with both me and the hubs in it. I told him this crazy idea, and he went with it. Then I thought about it some more. I could gallop alongside him. He could go through whoops and I could go through bounces. I could side pass behind him while he wheelies. He could jump and I could jump his motorcycle (my favorite part of this whole idea). He hesitated a little bit with that one, but agreed that that wold be cool.

I waited for hubs to totally shoot the idea down, but instead, like usual, he encouraged me. Sure, his wife is crazy, but he thought she we crazy before the Lyme disease struck. He was washing his bike on Saturday and we both took a good hard look at it and went over the best place to jump it. It sits at about 3'6" on the stand, and is only about a foot wide. The tricky part will be aiming for the back half and to stay away from the handle bars. Which gives me about 2.5' of back end and not a lot of room for mistakes. He looked at me and said "You better practice your skinnies. Better get that blue barrel and be able to jump it vertically." Yes, sir.
Plague doctors can jump 3'6".
He is also already thinking about where to mount the camera and having a counter balance tripod and stuff like that. He thinks we should rent a fancier professional 4k camera, but now I think we may have gone overboard. There are other things to determine. Things like which places he rides at will have good footing for the both of us and how Bacon will react to galloping next to a motorcycle. If she has difficulty with jumping the butt end of the bike, we talked about putting two bikes together to make it a lot wider for her. And jumping things like loading ramps and tires. He really wishes he could jump over me while I jump something, but that would require a very large double for him to jump.
Jump the things
And if Bacon says HELL NO, then obviously, we won't be doing any of this. But she lives next to where he washes and starts his bike and has never been worried about it one bit. She has watched him ride around in a pasture. We will have a lot to work on before jumping his bike. But we can practice over the little bikes too. And we will have to do quite a few training sessions and practice runs, but I believe she can do it and will do it for me.  Because she is crazy as well.
Can we be crazy together? Yes, we can.
So, this idea may not be the brightest or safest. But I've been rolling it around in my head and it just seems like it needs to happen. Perhaps it is very Idaho. We already have the song picked out though, so you can share your thoughts on that. Or on this whole thing. If you have even more to add to it, let me know! Or camera recommendations. It is a shame I can't get any sponsors (I'm looking at you, Aztec Diamond, because I would rock the shit out of those black snakeskin breeches in this video). I know this in no way will help fun my horse shows this season, but if I can't go to any of those at least I can say I did complete something wicked awesome.
Looking for our minds


  1. Um, I love this idea. You HAVE to do it!

  2. Yeah def the best idea ever. I'm signing on as camera person/props assistant/crazy enabler.

  3. DO ITTTTTT!!! That sounds freakin' amazing. I bet Bacon will be totally game for it!

  4. This is absolutely my favourite idea! If I was closer (or even in the same country) I'd be all over signing on as an extra camera person! This majesty must be witnessed!

  5. laughed out loud at "perhaps its very Idaho" hahaha

  6. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to see the product :)

  7. #bestideaever this is going to be amazing!

  8. omg yesssssss this is maybe the coolest ever and must happen!!! the bike thing actually seems pretty workable too - if needed you could maybe even lean the bike somehow so that it's more like a ramp than a straight up-and-down vertical? anyway i can't wait to see what happens!