Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Goat Fun!

Can I help you?
If there is something in my life right now that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face instantly, it is the goats. They may have been my husband's wedding presents, but I am enjoying them very much too. I have been trying to learn as much about goats as I can (especially health wise) and there are lots of different things you can do with them.
Outfits to try and cover their "pickles". They actually worked well for that person, but not the poop.

Their other outfits.
I am somewhat limited because of our goats' size. Goats can pack, pull wagons, drive, and do tricks and agility. I have been trying to teach them to do a few tricks, but I think the process will move along quicker once I have a clicker in my hands. We have also been taking them on walks with the dogs, and although their "forward" button is slow to start, the get moving soon and walk like pros. Cars are still scary to them, but they are learning that they will be ok.
Lap goat.
I would also like them to go on little hikes with us and and carry small packs. They won't be able to carry much, but it will give them a job and they can carry things like lunch and water. Of course, we will have to wait for them to grow a bit more before that happens. Cart pulling may also be an option in the future as well. In my super wild dreams, they would be the lead driving a cart with the two dogs, but that would take some training and engineering feats.
How Reaper tries to help with weeding.
Chest goat.
They also keep me on my toes. Remember how I mentioned that Reaper injured his hock? Well, a week later, we were putting the horses back into their pens from turnout. I had Vegas and had just let her go when I turned around and realized the goats were in the pens with us. I am still unsure of how to go about them mingling with the horses, so I went to catch them. Blake had just let Lucy into the pen (she shares the pen with Vegas) when the other two bay turds took off in the pasture. Of course, this startled the paint mares quite a bit. They went scooting around there pen and also realized that there were goats in there too. They tried their hardest to not step on them. All the while, the bays took off out of the pasture and went and stood in the arena totally still, watching the madness.
They DO NOT enjoy being brushed with a curry.
I thought the goats came out unscathed. But as Mr, Mayhem got out of the pen, he started limping on a front leg. I snatched him up and investigated. There was a small gash in his leg, so I went to doctoring it. Blake went to put the Bacon and Pandora away, and they looked at him and then put themselves in their own pens without him doing anything. At least they somewhat redeemed themselves. Mayhem was released and immediately went to running and jumping around normally, so that made me feel a lot better. He also thought he was really something after receiving his battle scar, and tried to take on Moo. It was laughable.
Bring it on, cow.
Mayhem and his battle wound.
Tough guy.
I also had to start their own instagram account because it was getting a little ridiculous on mine. I had more comments of people tagging other random people on their pictures and video over anything. So now, @the_goatlaws is up and running and attracting a lot of attention from random people all over. People love goats. And I certainly do too.
Goat smile!


  1. The goatlaws are my fave IG account hands down!

    1. Second this! There are never too many baby goat pictures!

  2. I LOVE THE GOATLAWS!! So does my hubby :)

  3. Omg they are so cuuute! I saw the first two pics and my brain said "AWWWW GOATS IN CLOTHES" and then I started thinking of the "boats and hoes" song from Stepbrothers ....goats in clothes, gotta have me my goats in clothes.

  4. Haha!! They are adorable. I want to come see them.

  5. omg goatlaws!! so glad they bring so much joy, i really can't get enough of them haha

  6. Following the goatloaws now, they are TOO MUCH. God, I love goats.