Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Cowboy

First prom together, back in 2007.
So, it is the Hubs birthday today (husband. It is still weird). I don't think I ever went into detail on here just how we became the inseparable weirdos that we are today. Today he turns 24. I met him when he was 14.
Blake on his damn bike
I had started hanging out at the local motocross track in the summer of 2005. I loved watching motocross, whether it be the pros on TV, or the guys at the track. I had one friend. And his dad's best friend also hung out at the track. He had a son. And damn, he was cute. And awkward.
Second prom. 2009. Yamaha blue dress? I think yes.
Kisses for an orphaned foal.
He found me on myspace, and that was pretty much the only way the boy would communicate. I would go to the races, he would stare at me and smile without a shirt. I would say hi, and I would get a creepy smile back. We had long conversations on AIM (remember the days?) and became friends pretty quick. I wasn't sure what was wrong with him. Boys don't like me. I'm weird.
Blake on a trusty ol' quarter horse.

His second ride on a pony ever.
But this one did. We both listened to Slipknot and other metal bands, I trained him in the ways on classic rock and horses, and he trained me more with motocross. It was all downhill from there. Well, not really downhill, because it has been pretty awesome.
Walking me back to the barn after a morning track workout.

Kisses for yearling Pandora.

Blake and his ranch girl.
He has been through all of my rough times, including losing Booger and my Grandpa, and my border collie Sneakers. He has made many memories happy ones. We have grown up together and are constantly learning from one another. He was always so loving with all of the animals around us, and I am pretty sure Sneakers choose him to be my guy. He was a natural around the ponies. It just had to be.
My Sneakers girl.

A Blake in 2008.
I feel like if I replaced their western gear with dressage tack here, they would look legit. 
So, happy birthday, my Blaker. You are the glue that holds this craziness together!

A riding partner and a life partner!
He is a good snuggler.


  1. guys are too cute! What a perfect pair :)

  2. this is so sweet! happy bday to your man, and congrats again on tyin the knot :)

  3. This is so sweet! Happy birthday to him :)

  4. OMGZ this is too cute! Love the "I don't know what was wrong with him. Boys don't like me. I'm weird."
    You guys look so happy together! :)

  5. So so so cute. LOVE that he loves all your animals. Its great when you find someone like that! <3
    the prom pics are the best

  6. Deff keeper, glad ya'll put rings on it! ☺