Thursday, January 7, 2016

Something to be Excited About

Woo woo!
I know that some of you saw this already, but I am still pretty pumped about it and it should be documented on the blog. Bacon and I were lucky enough to be randomly chosen for the 4th Annual Back on Track Essay Contest put on by Horse Nation. Bacon and I get to take home a saddle pad (we chose a black dressage pad!) and it is just a nice little piece of happiness for me right now.
She is excited about her new pad.
You can read the essay here, but basically it details how Bacers has been therapeutic in my life. I have wanted a Back on Track item for forever (especially a mesh sheet) but funds are going to every other thing. I danced right out off of the couch when I got the email from Horse Nation. What a joy.
You can't tell me those aren't the longest legs you've ever seen.
Speaking of therapeutic, the hubs demanded I give the chiropractor a whirl. He took radiographs of us before Christmas and shared his findings with us last week. I have an additional curve in my neck (bad) and the view from behind shows that my back is bent like a backwards C (also bad). He asked me if they bothered me and I had to tell him that sometimes I can tell, but other things cause more pain that kind of cancel the back and neck pain out. Though some days I find it hard to hold my head up but I have just now been realizing that. Hubs already has bone spurs in his neck, most likely from all of the motorcycle crashes, so he will be receiving treatment too. I am skeptical, but if he can provide some relief (and allow me to ride better!) it should be worth the cost and time.
The ponies were excited too because I finally let them out of their pens. The ground was super muddy and slippery, and then it froze and it just wasn't safe to let them out. And I know it has been over a month. I was surprised at how calm Bacon was when I first let her out. She was the first one and just sniffed around. Vegas could barely control her excitement as she waited for her turn. They all had manners when I took them out, and then they had a little fun. It is still a little slippery and I was surprised that they didn't haul ass and fall all over. It made me happy to see them happy.
Unicorn is FREEEE
Not a buck I want to ride
What Lucy looks like without a neck
Hover Goose
Majestic Goose
Jumping the stick and dreaming of XC
Hover Pandy
Strolling for a good roll spot
Found it
She found it too
Making a mess, she is really good at that.
Hello little Panders
Paint girls
Wild fuzzy unicorn
Derp face in the background
Bacon wishes Lucy would play with her. Or that anyone would play with her.
If only Vegas was in there.
The goats are also extra fluffy and cute right now. And the dogs are still smelly and slimey. I can't believe that Moo will be turning 10 years old next month. Such an old lady dane, but still looking pretty good. I hope I get to keep her for a while longer.
He is like a slinky
No, I'm not walking to go crap in your arena. Don't know what you are talking about.


  1. Glad you were chosen! Everyone needs a happy or two for the new year :)

  2. I read that on HN and almost cried with happiness! You so needed that boost :)

  3. omg snuggle goats!! So many great pictures and hope you love the pad!!

  4. I saw that on HN and was so excited for you! Congrats!

    And your animals are adorable. Weeeeee!

  5. Super exciting stuff! And love the photos!

  6. SO happy for you!! Way to go.
    Love the pictures as well

  7. You will love the BOT pad! Its all I ride in now, huge difference in my horse at least!

    The pictures make me happy! there all so adorable <3

  8. Congrats on the Horsenation thing! I saw that post and was like I know that blogger. Good job.

  9. Yay for you and Bacon! You guys are so deserving!

  10. I saw that! So cool! and I love those goats!

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  15. You weren't randomly chosen! They chose you because you had a great essay that deserved to win. Congrats! I love all my Back on Track stuff. I just ordered a Back on Track quarter sheet that showed up the other day too. Love the pics of all your fur babies out enjoying themselves!

  16. Great essay!! Very exciting :) I am so in love with your goats... :D

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  18. Such awesome & much cool. What a great start to 2016!☺☺☺