Thursday, November 19, 2015

Can You Haiku?

Mom, you are not good at poems. But I still love you.
I'm going to give this haiku thing a whirl (thanks Nicole!) and we shall see what turns up. I am sorry for what you are about to read.
Sigh. Another hot spot.
Saggy doggy skin
Allergies and some moisture
Standing wrap boots now

My face might be weird
But I have much longer legs
than a tiny pooch

Put it in your mouth
It is number one goat rule
And stand on the things

Weave and weave and weave
Dressage and jump all the things
Make my mom happy

Just give me the food
Place it in the food hole now
Old lady munchies

Think you can catch me?
Run and buck and play with sass
Oh hi dad, love you

I am unicorn
Majestic and free to be
But I fart and snort.