Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am the worst at blogging.

It is true.

I am the MOST inconsistent blogger of all time.

Good thing I am not too interesting, right? I don't think too many people are missing out. So that is how I justify my behavior.

Anyways, I think November was my last post. And guess what? All kinds of magical crap happened!

We moved into our new house. And we love it. It is so nice to just have Blake, the doggies and me. But yes, we are missing one thing...The Mares! Unfortunately, the shelter is not safe enough (in our opinion) to put two of the mares in it, and we still have to build another shelter and pen set for the other two girls. We made an attempt to get the pens going, and it has not been too successful due to this horrible weather.
Mom. This house is a mess.
But yay! A new yard!

Oh, Idaho, you big fat ho.

Snow. Damn, awful, evil snow.

My mom and grandma came for their first winter visit to Idaho for Christmas. Since they bask in the sun of Arizona on a daily basis, it was quite the shocker to them when they arrived at the homeland. Especially when the high was in the teens. I laughed. It is only fair...
Sledding with Grandma!

Weeee! Arizonians in the snow! Levitate away!

It was also the first snowy Christmas they had. And they thought that was pretty cool. And the first time they ever went sledding. It was so nice to have my mom and dad in the same place at Christmas, and even better that it was at my own house! And to top it all off, I had a very special Christmas present from a very special boy.
What a cute little computer science cowboy.

So, come Sept 1st. I shall be Mrs. Kelley. Woo hoo!

But AHHH! Wedding planning! There is sooooo much STUFF. WHY!!??
Going to the chapel...yeah, that one.

But, I have some awesome bridesmaids! Ain't nobody got sprinklerbandits and redheadlins as their bridesmaids!
Damn you expensive bionic canine!

It's a good thing we like you.

Oh, and the big beluga (AKA Meaty, Archimedes, Meatyacolypse, Smeegle, Smoogle-Boogle, MeatBall, MeatHead, etc.) tore his ACL, just as we bought the house. So, he is now sporting a $830 brace!

And damn you Goose.
And the Goose tried to decapitate herself.
It's a good thing we like you too.

But that is your bi-monthly update. I am sure you will be on your toes for the next one.


  1. You may not post often but there is always lots of stuff in the posts!