Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Blog Hop? Move Your Hoof To The Beat

Want to dance?
I can't possibly be the only one who picks songs out for their horses. I also can't be the only one who hears songs, and plays my own awesome riding clips in my head to that song.

For example, the latest song I make up random riding scenarios to is Seether's "Words As Weapons". Basically, I play Bacon and myself tearing up the cross country course to this song. We jump all the things. We gallop around. We are color coordinated. It's awesome.

Don't ask me why. Just understand.

What are my horses' songs? Well, Bacon has two. One is Capital Cities "Safe and Sound" because I am sappy, and she keeps me safe and sound when we ride. The other is one I played for her and she weaved to, and that was the Naked and Famous "Young Blood". I wish I had video of her weaving to that.

Vegas, well, she has a new song. It is the Pretty Reckless "Heaven Knows". Because lately, she has been a big ho, and maybe she belongs "way down below". Sorry pony. Quit being a bee-otch.

The Pandora has a very specific one that Blake has picked out. Since she is the Lil Badbadger, her song is "Bad Company" by Five Finger Death Punch. Hell yeah.

And then there is the Goose. Lucy is kind of an old fashioned girl, and Volbeat has some rockabilly style. Her song is "Lola Montez". I love Volbeat, And I love Lucy.

Soooo, you may have noticed that I like metal. I hope I am not the only rider out there in the blogger world that can enjoy these songs. If you don't, feel free to give a listen to these songs. They are really light metal. My personal favorites are Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Skindred, Volbeat, FFDP, System of a Down, In This Moment, Avenged Sevenfold, and lately, fricken AVATAR.

Do your horses' have songs?


  1. Now I want to do this for papa... :-) Love your songs.

  2. Great idea for a post! I like light metal...just not watching the videos:)

  3. Love this idea and love so many of the songs you listed.
    I usually ride listening to the radio but have no set playlist for my girls...I feel like a bad owner

    1. Not a bad owner at all! I just know I am extra weird :) And yesssss, I am glad you like the songs!

  4. This is a great idea! Love the songs!

  5. I always think of the perfect song for a horse as I'm riding him, and then I promtly forget it when I dismount. So I tried my hand at this hop, but it's not as perfect as it could be... :) Great idea!